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Tjärsalva 60ml Glass Jar

Tjärsalva 60ml Glass Jar

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Pine Tar is effective against itchy skin, is a form of local anaesthetic, stimulates the formation of new skin, and has been an ingredient in ointments since the Roman Empire.

In the Nordic countries, tar has for a long time functioned as a universal remedy and has been used in many ways to keep the skin in good condition.

This ointment contains completely pure anhydrous lanolin and also traditionally harvested pine tar which has a very pleasant and aromatic scent.

Lanolin is a natural fat that is extracted from sheep's wool. Fat that does not clog the pores, and which has an outstanding ability to preserve the skin's natural moisture and keep it soft and supple. Lanolin protects our skin in the same way that wool protects the sheep from weather, wind, and dehydration.

It covers, protects, retains moisture, softens, and is suitable for cracked hands and feet, dry skin, cuts, and abrasions. The list is long!

Tjärsalva contains only 95% lanolin and 5% of the finest valley-burnt pine tar (see the image attached), so this tar ointment feels stickier than most other regular skin ointments.

But that's exactly why it is so amazing!

Unfortunately, you can often find ointments of a similar type that contain some cheap vegetable oil or in worse cases Vaseline. Vaseline is a cheap ingredient and since it is a petroleum product, there are better things for the skin.

Wilmas Tjärsalva has of course undergone full quality assurance approval with safety assessments and compilation of safety reports in accordance with EU Cosmetics Regulations. Tjärsalva is of course also product-registered with the EU cosmetics register CPNP.

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