The Sustainable Edge

What gives Casström The Sustainable Edge?
A fundamental principle of sustainability is making things that last. Our focus on product durability means that we can reduce our impact on the environment. Not having to replace tools and equipment frequently means we can all better preserve our natural resources and decrease the generation of waste.
Shaving fatwood with a Casström Lars Fält Bushcraft knife
As well as making knives and leather goods that last a long time, we want to take sustainability even further. Our end goal is to make products with as little environmental impact as possible. By utilizing energy-efficient methods of production, coupled with natural and sustainable raw materials, we believe this is possible.
Forest image in southern Lapland, sweden

Today, Casström chooses to use recycled Swedish steel, wood from sustainable forestry, and ethically-sourced, vegetable-tanned leather. Our premises in Lapland are heated using geothermal energy, and our electricity comes from carbon-neutral sources.

We believe that it is this ethos, combined with the build quality of our knives, that gives us...

The Sustainable Edge.