The Casström Story

        Casström was founded by David Cassini Bäckström, who was born and raised in Swedish Lapland. As a child, the forest was part of his everyday life - both an adventure playground and a natural larder to pick delicious blueberries. A love of the outdoors, and knives as working tools, came from this forest schooling.
        David initially began in the knife business by helping his father sell a variety of Scandinavian knives online. It was tough in the beginning, and for several years the hours were long and the rewards were low. At one point David considered whether it would be better to call it a day and find something else to pay the bills and put food on the table for his young family.
        It was then he decided to fulfill his ambition of making his own knife. Using his practical knowledge and flair for design, the Casström No.10 Swedish Forest Knife was born, and it was well-received by outdoorsmen and women. The company established itself from this moment, and many more knife models and leather accessories have followed over the years.
        Today, Casström exports thousands of knives every year to 28 different countries. David still designs our knives and is the "go-to" guy for anything to do with knife geometry, and steel compositions - he's the science behind our blades!

Casström CEO David Cassini Bäckström

CEO and Founder: David Cassini Bäckström


UK Contact - Leo Donkersley
        After almost twenty years in the construction industry, Leo and his family moved from England to Swedish Lapland in 2008, in their desire to be closer to nature than their Birmingham roots allowed.
        He is often to be found wandering in the northern forest or paddling a canoe, all the while abusing his personal collection of Casström knives! Leo is your contact guy for the UK - call or mail if you need help with anything.
  Casström Sales Manager Leo Donkersley
Leo Donkersley. We think. Or it could be Frosty the Snowman...
Casström HQ
Casström is based in the small trading town of Lycksele in the boreal forest of Swedish Lapland. Located on the Ume River, Lycksele grew from a place where the forest Sami grazed their reindeer to a thriving town of marketplaces and churches. Lycksele celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2007.
Casström offices in Lycksele, Swedish Lapland
Casström HQ, Lycksele, Swedish Lapland
A Festive Shot of the Casström Team!
A photo of the Casström Team
From left to right:
Robin (Sweden), Beatrice (Accounts), Teo (International Online Sales),
David (CEO), Leo (UK & North America), Patrik (International), Jimmy & Markus (Inventory, QC, Workshop)