Casström Leather Goods FAQ

The Casström Swedish Forest Belt and Possibles Pouch

Where does Casström source its leather?

Our leather is sourced from farms in France, Germany and Spain where animal welfare and farm working conditions are regulated by the EU. The leather we use is a by-product of meat or dairy farming. The animals are never raised specifically for leather.

What Tanning process do Casström use?

We use vegetable-based tannins, which minimize environmental impact and just as importantly, are better for the tanners as they are not exposed to hazardous chemicals and unhealthy working conditions.

Casström work closely with a reputable European tannery and maintain good contact with them. Strong relationships with our tannery and leather factory guarantee transparency and accountability at every step of the leather manufacturing process.

Casström Leather

From farm to tannery, through to the production of our finished leather goods, we
maintain EU traceability, aligning with sustainable practices and upholding
workers’ rights to meet stringent EU standards.

Trust is important. With Casström leather, you can trust that quality and craftsmanship is combined with a conscientious regard for the rights of workers’ and the environment.   

Casström Lock Back folding knife and leather Possibles pouch