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Dianova Lapstone

Lapstone Badge

Lapstone Badge

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A diamond knife sharpener that not only has a pocket clip but IS a pocket clip.

Based upon the identity tag that many soldiers worldwide have on their chests but instead of the grade/surname, Dianova has fitted their superb Swedish-made diamond sharpener.

The result is a small, flexible sharpener that can easily be attached to a trouser pocket or a rucksack. Super handy and since the steel is good it can even double as a makeshift screwdriver as well, making it even more useful.

Do you want a third use? Doubtless, anyone wearing this type of badge during his or her military service has already discovered that it also makes an excellent beer bottle opener! 

Length: 85 mm
Width: 25 mm
Thickness: 0.5mm

Diamonds: 30 micron monocrystalline of the highest quality rating (the coarseness corresponds to 300 grit)

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