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Kuksa in Curly Birch

Kuksa in Curly Birch

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The Kuksa (Kåsa in Swedish) is a traditional wooden cup made and used by the Sami peoples of Lapland.

These beautiful hand-carved cups allow one to feel connected with nature far more than a plastic coffee cup. Made from beautiful curly birch specially selected for their quality, these cups offer a link to the ancient traditions of the peoples of the north.

Quite simply, coffee tastes better in a kuksa.

The kuksa are made by hand and therefore are not identical, for example, there are small differences in the thickness and shape of the handle and the pattern of the curly birch varies. This makes your kuksa unique! 

Holds approx. 1dl (100ml/3.5 fl.oz). Cordage of twisted leather reindeerskin included.

Care instructions: Do not use detergent on your kuksa but you can wash with lukewarm water and dry immediately with kitchen towel. Don't leave liquid in the kuksa as it can cause splitting.

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