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Kådsalva 60ml Glass Jar

Kådsalva 60ml Glass Jar

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Spruce resin has long been considered one of the foremost natural remedies and making ointment based on this has very old traditions.

Fresh liquid resin used to be applied directly to the skin as a plaster and mixed with sebum or lard, it became an ointment for abrasions.

Kådsalva is unsurpassed when it comes to treating calluses and cracks and it is also extremely effective against itchy, dry, and chapped skin and small wounds.

A Scandinavian classic from the forests in the north that only contains lard, spruce resin, and beeswax according to the old honest original recipe.

Our resin ointment is very popular as we traditionally use lard instead of some vegetable oil as a base in this ointment.

Lard together with a large amount of spruce resin and a pinch of beeswax makes Wilma's kådsalva ointment a little harder in consistency, which is appreciated. This also means that it is not at all sticky or oily as some oil-based ointments are.

The resin is harvested from the Spruce forests of northern Sweden and depending on where it is found and how fresh it is, there may be some differences in shade and scent on the resin ointment. Of course, the proportion of spruce resin in the ointment is always the same.

This ancient remedy is still a winning concept!

Wilmas Kådsalva has undergone full quality assurance, with safety assessments and compilation of safety reports in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Regulations.
Kådsalva is of course also product-registered with the EU cosmetics register CPNP.

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