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G4 Swedblade

G4 Swedblade

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The G3 has been a very popular knife with hunters. Now the knife that does everything has become even better. EKA has developed a hunting knife that can handle all activities on your outdoors hunting trip, from sitting and carving, splitting sticks for the fire, to gralloching and skinning game of all sizes.

Disassembly for cleaning is now easy, with a recessed button at the bottom of the handle that is pushed in and down. The scales and the blade then come apart so you can ensure that your knife can be cleaned to maintain optimum hygiene.

  • Blade Steel: Sandvik 12c27
  • Length: 100/80mm
  • Total Length: 215mm
  • Blade Thickness: 2.9mm
  • Handle Material: Proflex Grip
  • Weight: 135g
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