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Skogsliniment 60ml Glass Jar

Skogsliniment 60ml Glass Jar

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Great for rubbing into aching muscles at the campfire, after a day's walking!

Skogsliniment, or Forest Liniment in English, is a refreshing ointment that nourishes, warms, and softens. A natural forest liniment completely without dyes, Vaseline, paraffin, and other cheap and ineffective fillings.

Skogsliniment is great for massaging into the skin for preventive purposes or in connection with physical activity. In addition to soothing the muscles and joints, it is also excellent as a skin ointment with its blend of organic vegetable oils and beeswax.

A powerful and skin-friendly liniment with the scent and strength from the northern forest. Contains organic rapeseed oil, beeswax, and first-class essential oils.

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