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Dianova Lapstone

Lapstone Table

Lapstone Table

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A Swedish-made table-top diamond knife sharpener of the very highest quality.

This large, versatile sharpener is ideal in the kitchen drawer close to the chef’s knives or in the carpenter’s workshop to guarantee sharp knives and tools.

The sharpener is stable during sharpening thanks to its rubber base. The sharpener is reversible and has both a fine and a coarse side of 600 or 300 grit (30 or 60 micron diamonds).

Dianova Lapstone use the highest quality grade of industrial diamonds as it is the only way to ensure that the diamonds are actually 15, 30 and 60 microns. The diamonds are attached with a technique that gives the world’s highest diamond density per unit of surface area, and in addition they are hard-wearing and will last for many years even with intensive use.

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