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"Woodsman" Bog Oak with Fire Striker

"Woodsman" Bog Oak with Fire Striker

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TV personality Ben Fogle used one of Roger Harrington’s handmade Woodsman knives on his recent trip to the South Pole, recreating Scott’s epic journey. We’ve been making the production version of the Woodsman for a long time, and you can find it here!

A classic wilderness knife designed by custom knife maker and bushcraft and survival expert Roger Harrington.

This knife has been designed by an experienced outdoorsman, and it shows. The Woodsman is a very tough knife and is well-suited to your typical Bushcraft tasks, including carving, splitting wood, or “batoning”. A top-notch choice for all-round field use. This model comes with a fire striker and a sheath with a fire striker loop.

The stabilised bog oak handle adds a real touch of history to the knife. It is amazing to think that the oak of the handle was growing around the same time that Stonehenge was built!

What is Bog Oak?
Bog Oak is not a species of tree, rather it is a term given to the oak found in the peat bogs of Great Britain and Ireland. Low oxygen conditions in peat bogs help preserve the wood from normal decay, and the acidic conditions combine with the natural tannins in the wood to give Bog Oak its distinctive and pleasing colour. It is essentially in the early stages of fossilisation, and many samples of Bog Oak are hundreds if not thousands of years old. A very sought-after material indeed.


  • 4 mm thick blade ideal for splitting wood
  • Stable Scandi grind profile
  • Blade size is good for precision work
  • Easy to sharpen in the field
  • Distinct handle shape - can recognise what way up the knife is by feel
  • Strong full-tang construction
  • Holds an edge well, and has good wear resistance
  • Beautiful handle made of stabilised ancient bog oak
  • Auermetall fire striker for making fire
  • Sturdy leather sheath
  • Integral leather loop on the sheath to securely hold the fire striker
  • Cryo-quenched for improved wear resistance
  • 25-year Warranty
  • Made entirely in Europe


  • Blade: 89 x 26 x 4 mm 
  • Total length: 20.5cm
  • Maximum blade thickness: c.4mm
  • Steel: Uddeholm Sleipner
  • Steel Hardness on the Rockwell C Scale: 58-60
  • Weight: 200g
  • Handle material: English Bog Oak, black liners, brass hardware
  • Grind: Scandinavian
  • Sheath: 3mm thick vegetable-tanned European leather (cognac brown)
  • EAN 7340111108299


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