The Casström No.3 Dangler - Your knife's new best friend!

The Casström No.3 Dangler - Your knife's new best friend!

We all know the importance of having a knife on your belt when you are out in the wilds. The Casström No.3 Dangler is a great way to change the way you carry and use your trusty blade.

This ingenious little item not only adds a touch of style to your kit but also elevates your comfort to a whole new level. You'll experience freer movement when you are moving or sitting, as the dangler allows your knife to hang lower from the waist.

But wait, there's more! In a world where knife-carrying laws are as hard to fathom as British weather, the Casström No.3 Dangler becomes a godsend. Need to step into a shop, or travel into town? No problem. Simply detach your knife sheath and stow it securely at the bottom of your pack. When you hit the bush again, simply clip it back on!

There's even some extras that don't involve knives with this little leather wonder. Need a hands-free solution when walking your dog? Clip your leash to the dangler. Or you use the dangler to hang up equipment in camp.

In conclusion, when it comes to carrying your knife in both style and comfort, the Casström No.3 Dangler steals the show.

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