A tribute to an iconic knife

A tribute to an iconic knife

Introducing the Casström No.10 SFK Bog Oak Limited Edition - a tribute to a decade of design mastery. This limited edition of 200 knives is a nod to the iconic No.10 Swedish Forest Knife, still revered by happy users around the world.

The handle is hand-finished and crafted from 5000-year old dark brown Bog Oak, ensuring both historical significance and unparalleled comfort in the unique, curved handle design. We've elevated the looks still further with the stunning red liners that accentuate the colours of the Bog Oak. It really pops!

At its core is a blade made from A8 Mod steel, renowned for edge retention and toughness. The European vegetable-tanned leather sheath has been hot-waxed for added resilience.

They are selling fast - so make sure you don't miss out!

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