The No.10 is Ten Years Old!

The No.10 is Ten Years Old!

As the Casström No.10 Swedish Forest Knife approaches its 10th anniversary, we thought we would walk you through what our thought process was when we designed the knife, which remains very popular with today's outdoorsfolk.

First and foremost, we wanted to remain true to our Scandinavian roots and make a knife that was suited to life in the boreal forest. From splitting wood for the fire to prepping game, it had to be capable of the tasks that you need a knife to perform in the bush. But simply roll out a generic knife? No. That's not out style! We wanted to be more innovative in design as well as usage.

Around 2010-2013 when the No.10 knife was developed, there wasn’t a lot of choice in the typical Bushcraft knife spec popularized by TV personalities. The combination of carbon steel blade, full-tang construction, a Scandinavian grind and natural wood handle could be found in custom made knives, but production knife companies making knives to this spec were thin on the ground. Casström decided to make a production bushcraft knife for serious outdoor use.

Whilst inspired by a tried-and-tested bushcraft knife design, our idea was to go for some more individual design features like a curved handle, shortened ricasso and high-quality stitched leather sheath.

And so, the No.10 was born. A sleek yet robust blade profile and a curve to the handle that customers absolutely adore! It follows the natural lines of the hand and allows you to work away for prolonged periods in comfort.

The blade has a drop to the nose and less belly, which helps when carving, and the handy finger notch is not so big that it impedes your close work.

Over the years small amendments and improvements to the production process, materials and design have been made in order to steadily improve and keep raising the quality and value of this great knife.

That the No.10 SFK is still a very popular knife after 10 years is testament to the thought that went behind it. We can say with confidence that this all-rounder is a great tool to have with you in the bush!

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