Outdoors the Scandinavian Way

Outdoors the Scandinavian Way

Hello folks, Leo here...

Although we still have frozen lakes and knee-deep snow cover here in Lapland, winter will slowly surrender to spring and thoughts will turn to summer activities.

A canoe trip is immensely enjoyable. More about the journey than the destination, paddling quietly through the northern forest can be a serene experience. 

How to load a canoe

(A page from the book, "Outdoors the Scandinavian Way - Summer", by renowned Swedish outdoorsman Lars Fält)

Lars Fält's book on summer activities covers the basics of canoe paddling and travel, as well as many other outdoor skills including camping and fire lighting. All you need for a memorable canoe trip.

This whets the appetite, and I'm looking forward to getting a paddle in the water again!

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