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Fire Striker with Bog Oak Handle

Fire Striker with Bog Oak Handle

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There are many ferrocerium rods on the market, and we believe that ours are amongst the best you can get. Made only with the best materials, our fire steels use Austrian Auermetall and produce a really good spark. The handles come in a variety of materials to suit your fancy!

What is Bog Oak?
Bog Oak is not a species of tree, rather it is a term given to the oak found in the peat bogs of Great Britain and Ireland. Low oxygen conditions in peat bogs help preserve the wood from normal decay, and the acidic conditions combine with the natural tannins in the wood to give Bog Oak its distinctive and pleasing colour. It is essential in the early stages of fossilization, and many samples of Bog Oak are hundreds if not thousands of years old. A very sought-after material indeed!

  • Ferrocerium: Auermetall all-weather firestriker steel 12000+ strikes
  • Dimensions: Approx. 6 cm or 2.35" and 9.5mm in diameter (full army size)
  • Total length: inc. handle approx. 13cm
  • Handle: Bog Oak
  • Extras: Shock cord and a Casström-branded striker is looped through a hole in the handle

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