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Casstrom Limited

No.3 Dangler with Black Loop

No.3 Dangler with Black Loop

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The Casström No.3 Dangler is an ingenious little item that allows you to wear your knife sheath more comfortably. In addition, with strict laws about carrying a knife, the dangler means that you can easily remove the knife sheath and stow it in your pack if you are entering a built-up area or a shop. Once you are back in the wilds, simply clip the sheath back onto the dangler!

Note the D-ring should not be used for climbing since a fall can create forces that exceed 400kg even if the person is not heavy.


  • Allows the knife to hang lower from the waist
  • Freer movement and comfort when seated
  • The knife is easily detached from the leather loop
  • Useful when you need to stash the knife in a pack (when entering a built-up area, for instance)
  • Use also to clip your dog leash to your waist
  • D-ring can be used to hang up equipment
  • European leather
  • 3mm thick vegetable-tanned leather
  • High-quality D-ring attachment
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