About Lars Fält

Swedish survival expert Lars Fält
When it comes to survival knowledge and techniques, and outdoors skills, Lars Fält is most definitely a man who has "walked the walk", as they say!
We have had the pleasure of working with Lars for a number of years now. These days, it is refreshing to be able to reach an agreement on the strength of a handshake between two people, and that is how it is with Lars - an honest and principled man. To date, we have worked together to design and produce three knives bearing his name and translated and published four of his popular books on bushcraft, survival, and the outdoors, in English.
Lars Fält is a world-renowned survival expert and outdoorsman. His career in the outdoors began in the Swedish Army, where he eventually founded the Swedish Armed Forces Survival School and was the Chief Instructor there for many years. His interest in survival techniques and the psychology of survivors has also brought him into contact with indigenous peoples around the globe, from the Sami, Evenks, and Inuit of the far north, to Aboriginal tribes in Australia. His profound respect for the ancient ways of indigenous groups has permeated his teaching of survival skills.
Having retired from the army after a remarkable career, Lars turned his attention to educating us lucky folks in "Civvy Street" with skills and techniques that he has himself tested in the field.